Ever since the CTS-V was introduced in 2004, owners have reported rear differential problems and failures. However, GM has paid little attention to us and not provided us with a fix for this problem. As Cadillac's flagship performer, the CTS-V is plagued with rear differential howling and whining. Not only that, the rear diffs have been reported to seize up and completely grenade. There is no doubt that GM is aware of this problem, as the 2006 CTS-V got a beefed up version of the previous differential, with a new part number. The following is a compilation of reported rear differential failures and problems found in the CTS-V.

*Please note that it is not our intention to 'bash' GM or Cadillac. We are enthusiasts and fans of this car, and only want GM to fix our problem.*

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Office of Defects Investigation - 2004 CTS/CTS-V Rear Differential Incidents

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Office of Defects Investigation - 2005 CTS/CTS-V Rear Differential Incidents

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